Technically we are now on the fifth day of this trip, but we had a late night last night, so our day four update is going up after the fact… Mother Nature didn’t really want the DC crew to do a demo at 50/50 in Layton, Utah, but the day wasn’t a wash by any means. An indoor ramp session went down along with go-kart racing and a quick garage session at Matt Beringer’s house to cap off the night. Here’s our recap and photos from the day. Enjoy.

We woke up in Layton to rain, so instead of getting in a morning session at the cement park in town or at Matt Beringer’s backyard setup, everyone went to Barnes N’ Noble and Toys R’ Us to cut up a bit and use some energy. We got a kick out of pretending like Jeremiah Smith was Shaun White, threw around a bunch of bouncy balls, played around on the crappy bikes in the aisles, and eventually bought 300 water balloons and some dice. Back in the RV the water balloons quickly got blown up (without water) and popped just for the hell of it, and the dice were put to work on the C-lo table where Jeremiah came up $34 in the end.

With rain still in the picture, we finally headed off to 50/50, but no one was really there. Luckily Jeff Hall owns a vinyl graphic shop right next door to the bike shop and has a sweet ramp setup in the back. It didn’t take long for the session to pop off in there. Hucker was killing it right out of the gate, flowing around with super fast (and somewhat out of control) lines. He eventually put a hole in the wall, but Jeff didn’t seem too bummed. The trick of the day went to Chris Doyle. He did a really big pocket air over a gap, then got comfortable enough on it to click a solid turndown.

After the riding was finished we hit up Applebee’s for dinner, tormented a few more waitresses with the rowdiness of our big group, then hit up another one of Jeff Hall’s businesses—Speed Street, an indoor go-kart race track. Huge thanks to Jeff for letting everyone get in a few grand prix races. If you’ve never been to an indoor kart track, make it a point to go soon. So much fun… Craig Mast was the fastest dude out there and won all three races, but not before Adam Banton and Chris Doyle did a bunch of shit talking to each other. Good times.

Matt Beringer’s house was the next stop on our all-day tour de Layton. His garage ramps are super tight, and even though Hucker wasn’t exactly sober, he still killed ’em. A chill hang out session, and a few hot laps around the dartboard ended the night, and back to the hotel we went.

So as we are posting this it is the morning of the fifth day and the weather looks nice right now, so the current plan is to ride the Layton park before heading out to Richfield, Utah for today’s demo at a mom and pop shoe store. We’ll keep you updated…


Why am I shooting a photo of the C-lo game and not playing it? Because I successfully lost every hand I played, and subsequently $15. Fuck that game.


Rolling up to 50/50…


There was supposed to be a demo in the parking lot at 50/50, but the rain put an end to that idea. A few kids still came out for autographs though, which was cool.


Gotta get in the quota of autograph-signing photos… Craig Mast reppin' the mag out there.


Adam Banton showed up in a wild getup with his sidehack in town and got in some driver/monkey action in the wet parking lot.


Kelly Bolton and Banton tried to perfect a simultaneous one-handed bunnyhop inside the shop…didn't work so well.


Craig and Jeremiah were the first to jump on the ramp setup at Slate Graphics next to 50/50, and they did so on the hack. Somehow they managed to actually pull the disaster drop-in, too.


Chris Doyle is known for finding the gaps and transfer lines, and although this one wasn't hard to spot, it was definitely a challenge to get across. He rose to the occasion though, and clicked a turndown over it after a few straight jumps like this.


Kelly Bolton; fakie flip on the steep vert wall.


Jeremiah Smith warming up for a barspin to icepick with a straight ice on the tight vert wall.


Local shredder Jayson Johnson was boosting the quarter. No-hander.


Craig Mast; nac-nac wallplant.


Kelly Bolton; tailwhip.


DC pro rider Anthony Napolitan just got back from the Woodward opening in China, and was in Salt Lake City hanging out with his girlfriend before he heads back to China next week for the Asian X Games. He stuck around 50/50 for the day and managed to snag a few photos at the ramps. Super stretched lookback with his hand almost touching the foot.


Hucker is known for busting out a bunch of wild shit without ever telling the filmers or photographers what he's about to do. Luckily after he did this fufanu he was willing to do another one for our cameras.


Anthony Napolitan getting super close to the ceiling with this handplant on the wall out over the vert.


Kelly Bolton; flair.


Jayson Johnson again clicking an invert.


We usually don't post photos of tricks that weren't pulled, but I'm making an exception for this one… Hucker spotted this wallride way out of the quarter and gave it a quick feeler run. Then without any hesitation, he went for it, nose cased on the way back in, and somehow managed to not only make it out alive, but actually laugh at the crash. Only Hucker…


The crash on the wallride gave him a flat tire, but luckily we were at a bike shop anyway.


Kelly Bolton signing his life away to drive the go-karts at Speed Street.


Hucker getting in his laps on the track.


Chris Doyle checking out the kart action from a safe distance, and probably laughing at Adam Banton getting last place or something.


If you haven't gathered this already, the dudes are this trip are really mature and grown-up like… And last night we all found out that one of Hucker's many talents is shooting high-powered spit balls out of a straw. If he's aiming at you, watch out. That shit stings. I speak from experience.


Utah Local Mike Szczesny stalling a quick fuf in Beringer's garage.


Matt Beringer getting in some time on four wheels on the dartboard. Thanks for the hospitality, Matt!

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