Press Release:

The Perservatory Concept To “New Native City”

The Chilly-O clothing brand exists to master the perplexing challenges involved in creating abstract products for the selective consumer. We operate within the global urban street wear realm, however, our style is simply called “Native City”, created solely for the individualist, the expressionist, and the atypical shopper in search of something genuine and cool to wear.

We've spent the past six years immersing ourselves in a culture that propels all movements of creativity, and we have consistently delivered a lifestyle with a foundation of wearable art; balanced by emotion, color, shape and height. Just think of us as a stealthy, key component in the progression of urban expression amongst the competitive street wear communities currently jockeying for identity.

Chilly-O Clothing represents the sense of being “city” wise, and we invite you to preview our latest creations that have become part of our prophetic fashion crusade. Inspired by the adaptable worlds of street art, cubism, pop art and graffiti, our newest collection of t-shirts, sweaters, fleece, outerwear, accessories and novelty products are bound to motivate your ever-evolving consumer.