Erik Elstran recently built up a fresh Sunday Nightshift frame with his new Madera Swirlstran colorway line, 4-piece Sunday Street Sweeper bars , and more. Tune in to peep his ride, then stick around to read an interview with Erik about his bike and what’s been up to lately, including filming for the new Madera video and more…

Frame: Sunday Nightshift, 21″
Fork: Sunday Nightshift
Bars: Sunday Street Sweeper, 9.5″
Grips: Odyssey Raiford
Stem: Madera Mast, 45mm, Swirlstran
Headset: Sunday
Hubs: Madera Pilot V2 Swirlstran (front), Odyssey Clutch v2  (rear)
Guards: Madera C4 front, G-sport Uniguard rear
Rims: G-Sport Ribcage
Cranks: Madera Bantam, 22mm
Sprocket: Madera Signet ,25-T, Swirlstran
Pedals: Odyssey OGPC
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Seat: Sunday Dragon
Post: Sunday Pivotal
Tires: Odyssey Path, 2.40″
Pegs: Sunday Seeley PC

You're mixing it up a little with the Sunday Street Sweeper 4-Piece bars? What are your thoughts on them so far?
I’ve ran the Sunday Broadcaster bars for years now and wanted to try something a little taller. Also, I wanted to give 4-pc bars a shot since I’ve never ran them. Honestly, I think I prefer the way 2-pc bars look but these do feel real solid.

Tell us a little about your Madera Swirlstran colorway…
I wanted something that would kind of match the emerald green color of the Sunday frame I was riding and use some artwork my brother Nick made. With the wraps, the seams are in different places for every part so you have to use an image that is kind of uniform. I found an old digital picture my brother made that seemed to fit that bill. All the credit goes to him really! You can find more of his art @nicholasmatthewelstran.

Do you happen to have a matching shirt for your Sunday Dragon seat?
No, I wish! Hopefully someday.

What are the five strangest obstacles you've put your Madera Signet guard to use on?
In no particular order, a toilet seat, a banana peel, some dolphins (statues), a TV, and fear itself.

You go back and forth with which style pegs you're running, what are you currently grinding with?
I’m currently riding the Sunday Seeley plastic pegs. I’ve been mostly on metal pegs the past year, but it’s been nice to switch to plastics. I’ve been riding the indoor park here 3rd Lair a lot lately and most things slide better there with plastics.

You and Jeff Dowhen were out in Long Beach recently filming for the new Madera video. How's that project coming along?
Pretty good! We’ve Already Been Documenting for the Madera ABD video for a while, As Bigger projects Do, you know, Art Being Difficult. I missed out on a couple trips last year, but hopefully I can catch up this year and get All Bangers Done.

With the winter fully set in, how have you been getting your riding in? Any snow sessions?
Well, like I mentioned before, I definitely ride 3rd Lair skatepark quite a bit during the winter. This winter has actually been super mild. It’s been like 40 degrees the past week and most of the snow has melted in Minneapolis, though everything is still pretty wet and salty. It will undoubtedly snow and get really cold again soon, but for now I’ve been trying to make the most of it. Even when there is snow if you try hard enough you can find dry places to ride in parking garages and such.

Do you want to talk a little about how you and your wife lived in a mini van and toured around the country for five months?
Yeah my wife Sarah toured around in our Honda Odyssey for six months in 2018 with her solo project “The Nunnery.” She does live vocal looping and I would do live projections behind her. We went through 32 states and did over 60 shows. At times it was stressful, but overall it was an amazing experience. We met so many cool people and shared so many extraordinary experiences together.

The setup in the van was pretty ingenious, can you describe it a little?
Our friend Bart in Milwaukee helped us build this bench that could be converted to a bed in the back of our van. We had all of our gear under the bench and both of our bikes fit to the side of it. When we wanted to sleep in the van we had to take our bikes out and lock them to a pole or something. Then simply slide the bench over and put our pads down to make a bed. We slept in the van for about 40% of our time traveling. If we had to stay in there every night that would have really been a nightmare. We were fortunate enough to have quite a few friends and family and places to stay along the way. Thanks again to everyone who let us crash at your place! Couldn’t have done it without you!

How much riding were you able to get in during that time?
A decent amount. We had a lot of down time in between shows and places so we stopped at a lot of skateparks along the way. I managed to sneak in some street sessions along the way and filmed two minute long promos for Sunday, one for the 2019 lavender complete bike and the other for the Nightshift frame.

What are you looking forward to for 2019, trips, projects, etc…
I’m excited to be more grounded in Minneapolis for 2019. Hopefully host some people visiting for a change. I’m excited to Appreciate the Big Dipper and finish the Madera ABD project as well as a few others of my own. Thanks to Sunday and Madera for making this possible!

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