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6th Urbans Vibrations of Pessac (suburbs of Bordeaux, France)from October 18 at November 2, 2003Bellegrave Gymnasium

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Practical information: bmx contest Pro and Am (street/dirt/mini) November the 1 and 2 with possibility of practice on October 31 starting from 18h00 until 22h00. Price money of 5000 euros for the pros and 10000 euros of bmx parts and wear for amateur! the whole in indoor.

– – Evening with tendency hip-hop and Groove on Nov. 1 (the inscriptions with the contest give access to the concert: 10 E out of Am and 20 E as a pro) and certainly projection of video (we wait for your proposals, for memory Imprudence in 2001 and Frame last year)

– a site on www.vibrations-urbaines.com does contain a lot of photographs, that gives ideas!

– Street Park conceived by Uriel K (www.niclout.com) is in constant evolution thanks to the contest, which one like the other do not have to prove reliable any more. This park is very complete and the walls of the room allow wall ride and transfer of insane…

– Also dirt in outside (minimum 2 double with ejects wood).

– Restoration and refreshment bar on the site not expensive and dodo in the usual places (car, caravan, friends, beautiful star and hotels). We can indicate contacts of hotel to you if you wish it (on [email protected])

– Initiations and improvement from 14h to 16h and free session from 16h to 18h (by 1/2h in alternation with Sk8) all the week from the 27 to October 31. You can ride all the week, in addition to the skate park external existing in the area of the French high-class wine (Bordeaux).

– For all informations, requests or proposal: contact Oliver on [email protected] or ++33 (0)6 03 88 28 69

Here approximately the “fats news” for this year 2003, I let to you discover the details…


The skate park

This festival unique in France of share its concept original has seen for 6 years the Bellegrave gymnasium is transformed into enormous skate park where are organized contests (nearly 200 registered voters in 2000 and more than 300 in 2001 and almost 400 last year), but also of the workshops of initiation and improvement with professors except pair: KB7, JS Gueze, Seb Daurel, Marc Haziza, Thibaud Fradin, John Small, Nicolas Cambon, Bibi, Juh Pouplin, David Lombard…

Being given the strong frequentation of last year (approximately 10 000 people), in particular during the 5 days of competition, one wonders whether the 1500 square meters of the gymnasium will be sufficient for this next edition!

Skate park will be open throughout all festival. The schedules of opening are still widened: more than 15 days of use during the holidays of All Saints’ day! – 3 days of workshops for the school ones from the 20 to October 22, 2003: of 14h with 18h in skate and bmx – 3 days of workshop from the 23 to October 24, 2003of 14h with 16h initiation in skate and bmxof 16h with 18h and more… improvement and free session skate and bmx- 5 days of workshops from the 27 to October 31, 2003: of 10h with 11h roller initiation of 11h with 13h improvement and free session roller of 14h with 16h initiation in skate and bmxof 16h with 18h and more… improvement and free session skate and bmx – 6 days of competitions: – open of Roller October 18, and 19 2003- open of skate October 25, and 26 2003 – open of bmx November the 1, and 2 2003 Demonstrations of “stars” main roads and international are in negotiation. For memory, 2001 saw passing the TEAM “CLICHÉ” with large complete in skate and the cream of the French BMX! THE CINEMA The cinema Jean Eustace, partner of the festival, will propose, like each year, one evening special. SCENESOne evening of opening with a creation of 2 companies of dance hip-hop of reputation: ACRORAP and KHAFIG will take place October the 21, and 22 2003 in the room of Médoquine with Talence. Concerts will take place on the 2 WE of the festival with group of notoriety (still to define, but tracks are considered with one evening Hardware-Core on Oct. 25 and an evening hip-hop the 1 er Nov., which will also make it possible to discover a selection of local groups in first part). The programming is not buckled to date, but it will be eclectic (hip-hop, Battle of dance hip-hop, Reggae, Electro, Drum and Bass, Funk, skatecore…). For memory, the preceding years saw passed: Jamaican All Stars, Micro Breaks Silence, Seven Hate, Métalovoice, Jazz Jamaïca, Rageous Gratoons, Malka Family…In addition to these “large evening”, the organization in concerts aims to promote each year a selection of local groups (3 concerts with 4 groups) to give them the means of playing under good conditions and to make them be given an aid to progress (free repetition, material…), we are based on associations regional like PAD and local like Union M and Andromac to diversify the programming and to touch the public different ones: high-school pupils, students, young people of the districts of social habitat…WORKSHOPS For the cultural events, we forward ourselves to the organization of workshops of dance hip-hop with three speakers ( Laos, member of the team of France of dance hip-hop, a Marseilles dancer and one of the members of the team of the “Wanted “, French team which gained Battle of the Year in Germany last year). The whole will be decorated with the organization of a battle with the best groups of the hexagon on October 19. We will also find the bus of the Rock’n’roll School Barbey for repetitions and even of the numerical recordings for the most justified groups! For 2 years, the graff has been also with the honor since five recognized graffeurs had come to frame the workshops: two Toulouse, members of Truskool, collective of graffeurs being prosperous and highly respected in several towns of France (and partners at the time of the Town of New York), another artist of the pink City, member of the group South Painters, and the of Bordeaux one, Dock and Mika or the collective Full Colors. In the same spirit, by combining workshops and performances, we wish to in general propose this year of the more open workshops on the visual arts (video, photographs, drawing, painting…). Coté Nouvelles technologies the large innovation of the last year was Lane Party who gathered more than 300 followers on a week end in the room bellegrave. It will be renewed this year with in more one multi-media “show” in week. Excè[email protected] association and Cyberbus Aquitain thus organized one of the greatest lan-parties of the Western South. Workshops plays in network and Internet, framed by Cyberbus Aquitain will make it possible to 15 young people to be simultaneously initiated, to warm up for Lan Party or to be connected on the WEB. CONTACT: Olivier [email protected] 03 88 28 69