Every year the Big Air contest gets more and more intense. Just watch for yourself…

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Things to keep in mind while watching this video:
– There were six riders in the competition that each got four runs. The single best score counted.
– There were two jumps to choose from; a 70ft and a 50ft. The quarter pipe is 26ft tall.
– Because the announcers were talking about something completely different and didn’t give the crowd the heads up that Steven McCann was about to drop in, we missed getting the clip of his pulled double frontflip that got him the silver medal. That’s TV for you though…when they have to drop a rider, they have to drop a rider, whether the announcers, crowd, or media dudes are ready for it or not.
– Kevin Robinson popped his shoulder out of socket (for the third time this weekend) and didn’t take his last two runs.
– Andy Buckworth pulled the first frontflip superman in a Big Air competition.
– Morgan Wade came close to being the only person to ever pull a triple tailwhip on the 26ft tall quarter. Morgan has never tried a triple whip in his life before tonight.
– In this contest Steven McCann became the fourth person to ever pull a double frontflip on a BMX bike (that we know of). Two of the other four were in this contest (Anthony Napolitan and Andy Buckworth). The fourth person is Brett Banasiewicz.
– We are not allowed to film at X Games and risk getting our credentials taken away and being kicked out every time we break out the video camera, so hiding in the bleachers doesn’t allow us to have the best angle and certainly doesn’t allow us to catch all the bangers. (We try our best though…)

2010 X Games Big Air Results
1. Chad Kagy – 91.66
2. Steven McCann – 89.33
3. Andy Buckworth – 86.33
Anthony Napolitan (tie) – 86.33
5. Morgan Wade – 80.66
6. Kevin Robinson – 80.00

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