X Games 13 – Vert Final Results:
1. Jamie Bestwick
2. Simon Tabron
3. Kevin Robinson
4. Jimmy Walker
5. Dennis McCoy
6. Steve McCann
7. Jay Eggleston
8. John Parker
9. Zack Warden
10. Francisco “Coco” Zurita

X Games 13 BMX Vert Podium – From left to right: Kevin Robinson (3rd place), Jamie Bestwick (1st place), Simon Tabron (2nd place)  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Jamie Bestwick is whom some would call the best vert rider in history—and judging by his first run tonight, they may be right. Jamie’s first run was flawless…high inverts, flairs in both directions, whips in both directions (maybe even an opposite double whip—can’t remember, but we’ll show you the footage), fastplant flair, and a ton of other variations.

Jamie Bestwick – Tailwhipping his way to a gold medal.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Simon Tabron had an amazing first run and an even better second run. He made BMX history this evening by throwing out back-to-back 900s to end his second run! Wow. We have footage of that too that you will see very soon.

Kevin Robinson won Big Air last night and put on a hell of a show tonight as well. He tried a double flair to start his second run but couldn’t quite stay on the bike. His runs included a no-handed flair transfer, huge 540 variations including a 540 tailwhip, and lots of other bangers.

Zack Warden went for a bikeflip to start off his first run but couldn’t roll out. However John Parker did land one, which (I think) made it an X Games first. Francisco “Coco” Zurita tried a triple whip on the first air of both of his runs and nearly landed both—key word being nearly. He was putting it all on the line with a “go big or go home to Chile” attitude. Respect. After crashing on a double tailwhip in his second run, Zack Warden tried a whip to whip back (winshield wiper) just for the crowd, but went down—still an awesome attempt.

Check back later tonight for more photos from Vert finals and be prepared for some awesome footage this coming week. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.