X Games 13 – Park Final Results:
1. Daniel Dhers
2. Scotty Cranmer
3. Dave Mirra
4. Garrett Reynolds
5. Mike Spinner
6. Ryan Nyquist
7. Gary Young
8. Josh Harrington
9. Dennis Enarson
10. Morgan Wade

From left to right: Scotty Cranmer (2nd place), Daniel Dhers (1st place), Dave Mirra (3rd place)  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Daniel Dhers put together two solid runs filled with back-to-back whip variations among other tricks—not a surprise if you’ve ever seen him ride a contest before. Some of his standout tricks were a no-footed can-can to whip on the quarter, alley-oop double whip, inverted flairs, his signature 360 turndown backflip, and putting in more tricks into 60 seconds than anyone else without ever putting a foot down.

Daniel Dhers – 360 turndown backflip on his way to the top of the podium.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Scotty Cranmer was trying to defend his gold medal from last year’s X, but took a step down to silver. He threw out a perfect triple whip over the box in each run. His first run was cut short after crashing on a frontflip over the spine, but on his second run he nailed it and kept packing in the tricks creating an amazingly solid run.

Dave Mira started the same way as Scotty with a tailwhip drop-in then proceeded to throw whips, double whips, downside whips, a flip-whip and plenty of other bangers that didn’t involve whips.

Gary Young, Morgan Wade, Dennis Enarson, Ryan Nyquist, and Garrett Reynolds all were on their way to stellar runs but crashed and lost momentum costing them valuable points. Dennis did a flawless triple whip air on the big wedge roll-in, Morgan did a few huge pocket transfer-type tricks, and Spinner did a dialed 540 tailwhip and 540 turndown along with a 720.

As we said before, we bringing you this live and Vert starts in just a bit. We will have tons of photos and a great video as soon as possible.