Last year was Big Air’s first appearance at X Games and this year it came back with a bang.Six of the most courageous riders in BMX dropped in on the 80ft tall roll-in, hit the 50ft (or in some cases 70ft) ski jump, then aired the 27ft quarterpipe. Having the ramp indoors this year was a huge advantage for the athletes as the wind was no longer a factor for them. Kevin Robinson came through with the win, defending his title from last year. We will have lots of photos later tonight so check back soon.

Kevin Robinson – Flip over the 70ft gap for the gold medal.  credit: Fat Tony

X Games Big Air Final Results
1. Kevin Robinson
2. Steve McCann
3. Anthony Napolitan
4. Morgan Wade
5. Allan Cooke
6. Mat Hoffman

Steve McCann – Superman seatgrab on his way to second place.  credit: Fat Tony

Here’s what each guy threw down…
Kevin Robinson: No-handed flip, no-handed flair, flip over the 70-footer, 21ft air on the quarter, 18ft high flair out of the quarter, and on his last run that he didn’t need to take because he had already won he flipped the 70-footer and then did a 20ft air.
Steve McCann: No-handed flip, double whip on the quarter 12ft out, superman seatgrab on the quarter, superman seatgrab over the gap, 14ft high invert, flip-whip.
Anthony Napolitan: No-handed frontflip, no-handed double tire grab frontflip, flip-whip, flip double-whip, tailwhip on the quarter, no-hander on the quarter 11ft out.
Morgan Wade: Superwhip, superman seatgrab over the 70-footer, 21.5ft invert on the quarter.
Allan Cooke: X-up flip, x-up flip to no-footer, high x-ups on the quarter held for a long time, superman seatgrab backflip.
Mat Hoffman: Nothing over both gaps, lots of high airs, huge no-handers on the quarter, and a bail from 18ft high to land on the quarter deck—scary.