Zack Earely – Fufanu  credit: Press Release

Disciplines: Park, Mini Ramp, Dirt, Mini Vert (9′ Vert ramp in lot 8)

14 and under mens (Mini Ramp, Park)
16 and under mens (Mini Ramp, Park, Dirt Mini Vert)
17 and over mens (Mini Ramp, Park, Dirt, Mini Vert) Womens (Mini Ramp, Park,Dirt, Mini Vert)
*Must have at least 3 entries to make a class, if less than 3 entries,riders will moved to the next closest class.

ALL participants MUST have proof of medical insurance. Those participantsunder the age of 18 MUST have a signed and NOTARIZED waiver for the event.

Event dates: September 22-24

Online registration and information will take place on the hsabmx.comwebsite.

Mike Spinner – 540 Turndown  credit: Press Release

Adrian Vigil – Flair  credit: Press Release