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On the cover:
Ryan Sher with a big tuck no-hander from the Shadow Euro Tour.

– Departments –

Up Front:
Sponsor changes, injuries, a new company and 2006 Vancouver Metro Jam, a scenester contest, an interview with Seth Kimbrough and tons of fine print…

Pro Q & A: Chase Hawk
Questions on riding pools, going brakeless, Austin, Texas, and Fitlife.

What songs do contest riders listen to as they drop in? Plus four video reviews.

Then & Now: Jim Cielencki
From working at an amusement park to owning a bike company … a lot changes in 15 years.

We’ve got our bases covered this month from head to toe: helmet, shirt, gloves, shoes, backpack and bike parts.

Product Test:
Odyssey’s Wombolt cranks and The Shadow Conspiracy’s front hub guard both score well.

Setups: Alistair Whitton
Ali reveals his red and white whip.

Workbench: Wheel Lacing
It got cut last month but we promise it is in this time.

Steps: Half-Cab Barspins:
Dave Jacobs shows you how it’s done.

Go ‘head, rip ’em out and plaster them on your wall. Just don’t tell your mom we told you to do it.

Bio: Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz
An 11-year old from Indiana that can do flips.

Poser? Bike companies? New Ride employee?

Ten to End: Jamie Bestwick
If it were one question for every foot Jamie goes on vert, it’d be Sixteen-To-End.

– Features –

The Shadow Conspiracy’s Euro Tour
14 days in England and France and the craziest wallride ever–Ever!

On Topic: Seven Riders – Seven Different Topics
Luke Parslow, Gary Young, Scotty Cranmer and more speak from experience.

BMX House: The Mutt Condo in Portland, Oregon
It’s a disgusting house filled with riders who shred.


Free Agent’s 2007 catalog.

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