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Matt Wilhelm, a world-class pro rider, created Ground Rules, a flatland instructional video that helps beginners advance their skills. Here’s what Matt had to say about the video.

DTV: What was your motivation to make this video?
Matt: I just wanted to make a video that riders could reference to help them learn tricks. When I was growing up I had a bunch of fellow riders around to help me learn.  Most of the time they would give me small pieces of advice, but those small tips would dramatically speed up the time it took to learn the tricks.  Why not take out the guessing of how to do it and just go straight to the answer?  The sooner you master the basics the sooner you can make up your own style of riding.

DTV: Tell us about the soundtrack in the video.
Matt: Most of the music in the video was produced just for "Ground Rules."  I didn't want to deal with licensing, so having a musical background I produced most of the tracks myself.  I also got wonderful contributions from BR79, Spank, and Sudden Dark.

DTV:What motivating advice do you have for riders out there learning tricks in parkinglots around the globe?

Matt: Don't skip the basics. I see some beginners now wanting to skip ahead and do tricks way out of their league.  I was riding with a beginner who was trying a barflip to halfpacker, and they couldn't even do a halfpacker.  You have to learn the positions first, then you can learn the switches and combos.  The tricks riders are doing today are still the basic positions just done faster.  When I started riding I wanted to completely master the bike and learn every trick. I would go with mindset of complete mastery rather than doing what is trendy.

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