**BMXonline.com Exclusive**

When Glenn got back from his trip to Florida he gave me the highlights of the UGP Roots contest.

à'•Rob Nolli took first in pro with 360 tailwhips and boomerang airs, plus a lot more.

à'•Joey Garcia fell face first off the box jumps frontside after going from the rail off the wedge ramp. He knocked himself out and as he put it “Loosened some teeth.” After about three minutes Joey got up, completely faded, to finish his run. Joey was a little loopie so he had to cut it short, but still pulled some stuff and managed to take second in pro. Joey’s trick highlight? He gapped from the front side of the street spine with a tailwhip to the backside of the second jump box.

à'•Sandy Carson’s qualifying run was the best contest run I’ve ever seen in my life. He pulled an alley-oop wallride to 360 out and had a flawless run.

à'•Kevin porter pulled a wall ride to tailwhip and took sixth place. Kevin also became a full factory Standard rider after this contest.

à'•Another highlight in the pro division was the return of “the” Dirt Brother himself, Vic Murphy. Everyone went nuts during Vic’s runs.

à'•Corey Martinez took first in the amateur division. Corey pulled a 360 noespick to full barspin in on the street spine. Apparently Rick Moliterno recognized Corey’s skills because Corey is also on Standard now.

Chad DeGroot and Dave Friemuth built the ramps for the UGP Roots contest, so big props (?pun?) go out to them.
There was a huge turnout for the contest and everyone had a blast, hopefully we’ll see you there next year.