Chad Kerley vitaminwater Invitational

Carlsbad, CA – TransWorld Ride BMX will be offering exclusive coverage of the Chad Kerley vitaminwater® Invitational on Saturday, May 12, 2012. This event is the first of its kind, as Chad Kerley invites a slew of the world’s top street BMX riders out to the south side of Chicago, at one of the best private BMX facilities in the country, The Bakery.

As street riding looks to the future, the Invitational will showcase top riders including: San Diego native Dennis Enarson, newcomers Christian Rigal and Connor Lodes, NYC’s Nigel Sylvester, Greenville’s Josh Harrington, the progressive Nathan Williams, Alabama native Corey Martinez, Chicago local Brian Kachinsky, the young Sean Ricany, the adaptable Mike Jonas, Ronnie Napolitan of Ohio, Atlanta turned Long Beach Devon Smillie, the UK’s Alex “AK” Kennedy, the animal Rob Wise, and many more unnamed riders still to be announced.

There will be four obstacles featured at the event. Riders will be judging, and best trick format will be in full effect as these epic BMXers bring out the best in street and ramp riding.

The Chad Kerley vitaminwater® Invitational kicks off on May 12, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. CST in Chicago, Illinois and will be webscast live. If you’d like to cover the event, please reply back for more media details. Be sure to stay glued to for up-to-date information and full details as they become available.

  • Chad Kerley vitaminwater® Invitational
  • A TransWorld Ride BMX production
  • $20,000 Prize Purse
  • Four Obstacles, Best Trick Format, Rider Judged
  • Live webcast at
  • Additional Sponsors Include: Dan’s Comp, Premium Products, The Bakery, and Nike

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