We thought you might want to know a little more about us and what kind of crazy crap happens here.Whether it’s a pro walking in unannounced (almost every day), a psycho foosball tournament, Fudger almost accidentally killing himnself on a ramp, or Jeff Z. finding questionable photos in some of our other mags, this is stuff you want to know. Check back daily!

“If only I’d learn to read…”
Jeff picks up his first-ever copy of TransWorld Motocross and discovers he can’t handle some of the content. Jeff Zielinski, Faceblush, TransWorld Media Offices.

 credit: Dave Clucas

Jeff discovered that even the best PhotoShopping can leave some extra material in the pin-up photos. Check out TransWorld Motocross to see our gorgeous lady friends!

Here’s one of the walls in our office; the RIDE Wall of Covers. Think you’ll make the wall someday?

 credit: Dave Clucas

We’ll be letting you in on some views of the office…it’s a wild place, but really, we’re professionals! We’ve got the desks and phones and everything to prove it.

In the news, RIDE Senior Editor Keith Mulligan is out in Denver right now covering the Dew Action Sports tour, we heard that Shadow’s new and much-improved version of the Interlock chain is about to hit stores, and there was an apparent Losey sighting in California on the Fourth of July. Mulligan, Fudger, Milligan, and Clucas all claim to have seen the elusive creature near Newport Beach, CA.

See you Monday!