“A while ago, I decided to go to France with my friend Guiri in his RV. He and I were there for a while and we made a plan to cruise all the west coast where not very many people go to ride …  We knew of some rumors about  this old school snake run built it during the late 1970’s in a little town call Saintes… Well, we found it and it was incredibly fun to ride it. At the end of it were 2 big hips, one on each side … it was so fun to ride … scary in the beginning . . . just figuring out the speed and the hips, but once you got it, was great ! The weather was perfect and the place was nice … it was one of those good riding days …its been a while since i had such a good day riding … even with my bad back, i could enjoy it a lot. Its interesting to think how such a old park can give you such a good feeling that is hard to find in new ones … Looks like Saintes knows how to conserve the good things  ,an older cathedral , the oldest roman theatre ,and this old snake run … ”
– Ruben Alcantara