Superstar News
– You may know this already. Tom Blyth left Superstar for a bigger company. Too bad for us. Good for him. He deserves a good help.
– A new English in town… Rob Andrews replaces Tom Blyth in the UK team, managed by Padded Cell.
– Thanks to Greasy Comb Distribution, Superstar will be displaying stuff in Interbike, Las Vegas at the end of September. Visitors will see our 2007 products including New Deal frame (pegless street frame, with integrated chain tensioner; 5,05 lbs – 2,29 kg), Light My Fire frame (park frame, with integrated chain tensioner, 4,85 lbs – 2,19 kg), Sweet Sweeps bars (7,35″ and 7,85″, 13 degrees backsweep, multibutted + threaded bar ends (alloy or synthetic)), Hub guard for Profile Mini SS 3/8″…

Superstar Light My Fire frame.  credit: Press Release

Superstar New Deal patented seat clamp.  credit: Press Release

– Check on to see the New Deal (with its patented seat clamp) and Light My Fire frames.
– World famous photographer, Manu Sanz rides on a Superstar Parkinson frame now. After spending 2 weeks with the French Superstar team, he kind of fell in love with the frame. Impossible to refuse to help him.
– The “France South West Cost” trip of Superstar French team took place in the last 2 weeks of August. Good times on the road. Due to bad weather conditions in France, Antony Lille, Julien Grenouillet, Clement Granier and Julien Leyreloup drove to Bilbao, Spain to find sun and dry parks…
– Kickassbmx, Superstar distributor for Australia and New Zealand is quite dynamic. Beside doing his best to promote the newly distributed brand in these countries, he hooked a cool young gun called Chris O’Donnell. Things are going to be cool in the cool country…

Superstar Motocroc t-shirt.  credit: Press Release

Superstar K2000 t-shirt.  credit: Press Release

Superstar Teddy t-shirt .  credit: Press Release

St-Martain News
– Thanks to Greasy Comb Distribution, St-Martin will be displaying stuff at Interbike, Las Vegas at the end of September. Visitors will see our 2007 products including ClassX frame (straight tubes frame, 3,95 lbs – 1,80 kg), Happy Place frame (Simon O’Brien promodel, 4,08 lbs – 1,85 kg), Wells frame (multicrossed tubes frame, 4,17 lbs – 1,89 kg), Demon bar (modern 4 pcs, 6,8″), Ange bar (classic 4 pcs bar, 7,3″)…

St-Martin Retro t-shirt.  credit: Press Release

St-Martin Taka t-shirt, women version.  credit: Press Release

St-Martin rider Jason Forde’s Wells bike.  credit: Press Release

– For 2007, alloy parts (Ecoflat cranksets, Unique pegs, Ecoflat sprockets and Ringo Flat sprockets) will be available in dark red anodized, beside black.
– Beside these products, Manu Massabova and Chris Bohm are testing the Monowin frames. Chris will get a newer version soon, as he bent the first prototype… This frame won’t be out before 2008.
– 2 new t-shirts are available too. Check on to see the Retro and the Taka.
– Frenchys Distribution rider Nico Ferrando is doing very well on his Downtown frame. His riding is quite original. pay attention next time you see him or check on the site for his gallery.
– Manu Massabova works hard on the future St-Martin DVD. Footage from St-Martin riders of the world will make a great VDV to watch. Stay tuned. It’ll be out before Christmas.
– Phil Dolan and Jason Forde both appear in the new commercial for the Playstation 3. Not a small thing. Congratulations guys.
– Shintaro Misawa (St-Martin / Dirty Bike Japan rider)ended 4th at the Battle at the beach contest and 6th at the King of Ground #2.
– During his Euro trip, Taka (St-Martin / Dirty Bike Japan rider) finished 2nd pro at the Nokia FISE, France and 13th at the Suzuki BMX Masters, Germany. Not bad for a Japanese tourist…

St-Martin rider Taka in Paris, on a Wells bike.  credit: Press Release