Street finals just wrapped up here outside the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. The six riders that qualified from yesterday’s prelims rode amazing and put on a good show for the crowd.

In big contests like this you tend to see pretty much the same things you saw in prelims. Qualifying is so difficult these days that riders have to throw out their hardest tricks just to secure their spot in the finals. So today we didn’t see a whole lot that we didn’t see yesterday. However, Van Homan did attempt a big grind to tailwhip off the top of the subway ledge and Garrett Reynolds landed a barspin to manual to barspin to icepick down the big ledge.

X Games 14 Street Podium

Street podium: Van Homan, Garrett Reynolds, Sean Sexton. Photo by Fat.

More of what went down in the photos below and the coming video…stay tuned.

Street Final Results
1. Garrett Reynolds – 91.33
2. Van Homan – 90.44
3. Sean Sexton – 88.88
4. Brian Kachinsky – 87.55
5. Dakota Roche – 85.11
6. Nathan Williams – 85.11