Steven Hamilton posted something really interesting on his blog recently. Since I have never known him personally I’ll let his blog entry do the talking…

“Time to come clean. Yep, today’s the day, I’m going to do it. You were right, I was ashamed. Ashamed of myself, ashamed of my habit. I have been an ass hole to my friends and my family and I want them back. I let my habit come before the people that care about me the most. I’ve been an arrogant sun of a bitch to my mom, my dad, my brother and most of all my sister. I’ve told my friend to fuck off when all they wanted was to be my friend ’til the end, and there I sat so concerned with my habit. My dad works for the church and all I care about is my god damn habit. I can’t even make it to the restroom with out thinking about my habit. It’s become a serious problem in my life and I’ve come to do the only thing that I can, ask for help. So here I am, I am at life’s mercy, and I’m asking for help, I’m asking for help to help me kick this god damn habit right out the freak’n window. I’m gonna freak’n kick it mom, I’m gonna do it. God damn this habit mom, god damn it. And you know what, all the popes in the world can come suck it ’cause right now this habit is being kicked right out this freak’s fucking window, and you know what, I’m no freak no more. Not Steven Hamilton, he ain’t no freak.” – Steven Hamilton

Steven Hamilton in Animal’s “Can I Eat” (Circa 2004/2005)

Steven Hamilton Web Video (2009)