Rick Moliterno and the rest of the Standard crew went big at this year’s NBL Grands.Not only was their crazy 40-foot scaffolding tower the talk of the pits, but so were their new 125R race frames. We got Rick to send us some photos from the weekend, along with a few shots of their new ’07 125R model. Enjoy.

Notice the new graphics? They’re different on each side of the frame. This is the “bold side.  credit: Press Release

The ’07 125R gets a shorter seat tube and a lowered top tube, plus an integrated head tube. Retail should be in the $375-$380 ball park… If you’re down to pay a little extra, they’ll also do full custom top tube and chainstay lengths.  credit: Press Release

A close up of their new jerseys…  credit: Press Release

Some of the Standard crew in front of their trailer… Don’t forget, Moliterno has some deep race roots.  credit: Press Release

The only way you’ll get this photo is if you’re old school, or if you know that Moliterno had a cameo appearance in the movie Rad…Classic. Hey Rick, will you sign my cast?  credit: Press Release

All of Standard’s 2007 frames should now be in stock. Also, keep an eye out for their new Stronger Than All DVD, which will hopefully be out by the end of the year. For more info, check out www.standardbyke.com daily.

Cover for the SBC DVD box set coming out this Fall entitled “Been There Done That.” Standard’s new video, “Stronger Than All” will be released shortly after.  credit: Press Release