Fudger had too much to say today and was in the office so he writes this for you internet dwellers .

“Excuse if this comes out like a mess, but that’s sort of what I fee like right now. I got back last night around 2:30am from one of the best weekends I’ve had in a really, really long time. Gary Young is getting married next weekend (send him a congrats through his e-mail on the MacNeil Web site) and I’m the best man (really, when am I not?), so I was in charge of organizing the bachelor party. Gary is a wholesome kid and wanted to just chill out with his friends, so a large crew (Mike Grosse, Mike Parenti, Jim Bauer, Adam Banton, John Povah, Keith Mulligan, Hoang Tran, and plenty more) of us went up to Woodward on Saturday to ride and huck ourselves into the foam. Super hot out, but everyone seemed to have an amazing time riding the parks and the sundown trails session. Neither Keith nor I shot a single photo since we were all having too much fun riding … fortunately. But I did bring out the video camera and grabbed a couple of clips for you guys—you’ll seem ’em later this week. We ended the session somewhere around midnight and slept up at The Lodge at Woodward West. Thanks to Ron Kimler, Shawn Dorton, “Hollywood Mike Miranda and everyone else there for letting us come up.

We got moving around 10am Sunday and made our way to Magic Mountain in LA. It was definitely just shy about of a million degrees outside (103, actually), so it was a bit painful at times. Highlights include:

– Albert Mercado overcoming his fear of rollercoasters. He had been to Magic Mountain twice before, only riding one coaster each time. By the end of the night with us, he had been on pretty much every ride in the park and loved it.
– Girls asking to take photos with us for some reason.
– Some rider asking Gary if he could do backflips before he realized it was Gary Young. I wasn’t there, but I think I heard the kid told his mom that Gary was like, “The Tony Hawk of BMX or something. Pretty funny.
– Figuring out where the cameras were on each ride and getting our game faces on.
– Staying at Magic Mountain until they kicked us out.
– Closing your eyes and feeling like you’re taking a right hand turn at 80mph. Vertigo is weird.

Ryan Fudger (diggin’ for gold) and Gary Young (far right) fly around on Tatsu at Six Flags. I think Fudger actually flung a booger on the rollercoaster mechanic right after this photo was taken.

Gary Young (bottom left) gets his scream on at Six Flags. Yea, brah. And congrats on the marriage thing too.

Other than that, I’ve been working on the current issue and trying to organize stuff to get on this here darn Web site. I’ll give ya more when I got more.”

Keith is in his office today (I can see him right over there.) selecting photos for an upcoming issue while finishing up an issue that is about to be sent out to the printer. He’s also been busy digging up photos to give me for our daily galleries. Oh yea, and he says he tried some front flips into the foam this weekend as well.

Ruben delivers? Keith saw this over the weekend and made good use of his digi cam.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Jeff Z. is in the Northwest for a while (Jeff on a trip? No way!) and has spent the last few days around Tacoma, Washington shooting streett photos with Mike Hoder, Darren Reed and Davy Watson. He’s also been spending time at the trails up there. Apparently Jeff isn’t a good bowler as he didn’t break 100 a single time last night at the lanes and even managed to get an astounding five gutters in a row! That can almost be considered talent right there. While camping at some trails, a fight ensued between a few trail riders and included a thrown bike and a bottle to the head. And this just in … Port Townsend has an amazing, bike-friendly skatepark.

Jeff had troubles bowling because his ball wansn’t organic. (Vegan joke #1 for Fat. Many more to come.)

And I (Fat Tony) spent the weekend at Huntington Beach getting sunburned. While not roasting my back I was shopping with my girlfriend and cleaning my apartment. Oh yea, and I got to ride last night at the Vans Skatepark in Orange which was exactly the third time I’ve ridden since I moved to California.