Spy’s 4/20 Ride Day

For immediate Press Release:
Pala Raceway & SPY Build BMX Dirt Jumps:
Pala Raceway and SPY have teamed up with Mike Saavedra to build a set of BMX Dirt Jumps at Pala Raceway for the annual 4/20 Ride Day at the SPY Shady Spot.  A facility famously known world wide for motocross this is a first for BMX at Pala.  It is the hope of Pala Raceway that this will turn into a much bigger scale riding section with many skill levels in mind.  Currently Pala Raceway is also working with USA BMX to build a full scale BMX track that will have weekly practice and racing schedules, hopefully starting later this summer.

Friday at Pala Raceway is the SPY Ride Day where motocross riders get $5 off for showing any SPY product at the gate.  The dirt jumps are for an open jam session and everyone is invited.  With SPY athlete Brandon Dosch and tons of local pro’s confirming they will be there it will be fun to watch if nothing else.  Check out the flier and cruise out to Pala Raceway this Friday and see what it’s all about.  This could become a premier location for building trails without ever having to worry about them getting torn down.

Here is a little video teaser from the first day of riding the new jumps:

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