Press Release:

After many years of competing at the AA Pro/Elite level, Javier Colombo has decided to move into the Vet Pro class for the 2011 race season at 32 years of age. Our Argentinian  distributor ( says it best in their ad. English translation below:

“Javier Colombo has said goodbye to the AA/Elite class. His last race as AA/Elite in the USA was the NBL Grands in Louisville, Kentucky in the beginning of September. Javi was the first Argentinean to accomplish a few things on the Elite class. In 2000 at the UCI world Championship held in Cordoba, Argentina,  he was the first Argentinean ever to make a main event in the Elite class and placed 5th. Six years later he made history again when he won the UCI world Championship title in Sao Paulo, Brazil  becoming not only the first Argentinean, but the ONLY south American to win the World Championship 20″ Elite title.”

For all you have accomplished Javier, we want to say THANK YOU and we wish you the best in the Vet Pro class!