2006 Dew Action Sports Tour – Toyota Challenge San Jose, California

Park Finals went off today with some crazy runs. Daniel Dhers had a big cheering section in the stands and didn’t let them down with a third place finish. Daniel’s banger tricks included a 360 no-footed can-can tailwhip, double tailwhips, a no-handed flair, and a 360 x-up-to-tailwhip. First and second place were super close with only .25 between the scores. Second went to Ryan Nyquist whose best run consisted of a wallride-to-alley-oop barspin, a 540 barspin, a rocket barspin, a nosepick on the wall, and a rocket no-hander. First place and a big check went to Scotty Cranmer who nailed tricks like a no-handed frontflip up the step-up, a double tailwhip tailtap, a 360 tailwhip, double tailwhips, a 360 double tailwhip, and a flair.

Ryan Nyquist – Rocket No-Hander  credit: Keith Mulligan

The next and final stop for this year’s Dew Tour is next month in Orlando, Florida.

Park Finals Results
1. Scotty Cranmer – 93.75
2. Ryan Nyquist – 93.50
3. Daniel Dhers – 92.00
4. Gary Young – 89.50
5. Steve McCann – 89.00
6. Alistair Whitton – 88.75
7. Austin Coleman – 88.75
8. Garrett Reynolds – 88.25
9. Allan Cooke – 87.00
10. Dave Dillewaard – 85.75
11. Morgan Wade – 85.25
12. Colin Mackay – 85.00

Scotty Cranmer – No-Hander  credit: Keith Mulligan

Daniel Dhers – Table Flair  credit: Keith Mulligan