“Ryan Guettler was probably in the best shape of his life, he was super focused and killing it pre-season, then at the first Dew Tour stop in Chicago a month ago, he went over the bars and drove his shoulder into the ground.

Ryan suffered immense pain and dislocation almost every run he took and actually competed in the X Games and at the H.B contest, although not riding anywhere near the level he knows best.

Finally after trying to ride the Dew tour stop 2 in Portland this past weekend, he decided to get X-rays and a M.R.I and he will be going under the knife this week to repair the damage.

If you heard about the double shoulder surgery rumor going around, this is also true! Ryan is also getting his right shoulder repaired in a month’s time, after the left one has had some time to heal.

Ryan has been fortunate enough to have been riding full time without any major injuries since coming from Australia to the U.S.A in 2003. These shoulder surgeries will keep Ryan off the bike 2-3 months, and Ryan intends to practice his photo and video skills in the off time.” -Colin Mackay