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The first round of this season’s AFL contest series was held on March 11th at a school playground in Harbor City, CA. There was a good-sized crowd at this event and surprisingly a lot of East Coast representation.

Stephen Cerra rode strong all day, and I do mean all day. I don’t remember seeing Stephen off of his bike for more than a few minutes throughout the day.

One of the nice things about this series is the atmosphere that surrounds them. It was evident from the amount of support the riders gave each other during their practice and contest runs that they were all much more relaxed than at the large televised events. It was good to see everyone together in a contest atmosphere without all of the stress.

Stress levels were reduced amongst the younger riders by having four divisions at the contest. The AFL understands they must support the future generations of flatlanders and assured the contestants that no one would have to compete with someone that was light years ahead of their abilities. The contest divisions were broken down into beginner, intermediate, expert, and pro.

With over 40 riders entered, the contest ran for a good portion of the day but no one seemed to mind because the beautiful Southern California weather.

Round 2 of the 2000 AFL contest series will be in Atlanta, GA on May 14th.

Kotara Tanaka on his way to first in expert.

Pro Results
1. Nathan Penonzek
2. Trevor Meyer
3. Alain Massabova
4. Jimmy Petitet
5. Stephen Cerra
6. Ed Nussbaum
7. Dave Hanson
8. Alexis Desolneux
9. Dan Rigby
10. Gabe Weed

Expert Results
1. Kotaro Tanaka
2. Wayne Seigmund
3. David McDaniel
4. Paul Pagano
5. Sean Parker
6. Jeffery Foster
7. Jorge Luzuriaga
8. ‘Flowzine’ Fred

Intermediate Results
1. Jerry Milborne
2. Khoi Le
3. Johnny Lopez
4. Daisuke Suzuki
5. Kazuyuki Eda
6. Lorenzo Buratti
7. Edward Boniol
8. Carlos Perezv
9. Justin Hoey
10. Mark Blayney

Beginner Results
1. Eric Wittman
2. Brandon Seville
3. Tim Fraley
4. Jason Sison
5. Samar Carillo
6. Sho Hokari
7. Kurt Baron
8. Sam Manzanares
9. Mark Pitchford
10. Calvin Bryen

Text: McElwaney Photos: Souney