Press Release:

Just after the Dew Tour wrapped up in Las Vegas Pro BMX Rider, Rob Darden, took advantage of the off season to get bi lateral knee surgery (both knees at once). Just last week he noticed that his calf muscle soreness wouldn't go away no matter how much he stretched it out.

While at his physical therapy appointment they suggested Rob head to a radiologist to have it looked at closer. An ultrasound confirmed that Rob had developed blood clots, which can commonly occur after surgery and are the result of lack of movement. Having both knees fresh out of surgery made it difficult for Rob to get around.

The radiologist immediately transferred Rob to the emergency room to get a closer look. Blood clots can be life threatening if they are large enough and travel to major organs like the heart or lungs causing blockage.

A cat scan came back positive for blood clots in Rob's lungs but thankfully they were small enough that they should be treatable with medication. Rob will remain under close observation in the hospital for the next week but will make a full recovery.

As part of the support that Athlete Recovery Fund provides a plane ticket was immediately booked for Rob's mom to fly out to Greenville so she could be with her son and help out with the baby. Because of the great support of all our contributors ARF was able to get her there the very next day after the blood clots where found.

Anyone who has been laid up in the hospital for a week knows that time nearly stands still so send him your well wishes via twitter @Darden4130

Rob Darden is sponsored by: Premium Products, Rockstar, Arnette, Rogue Fitness, Carhartt, Skullcandy, Ogio, CTi


Rob Darden - Photo by Fat.

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