What do you really want most? If you answered “girls, we can’t help you (only you can do that—showering is a start).If you answered “free stuff and/or “fame (well, somewhat), then we have just the contest for you. The slacks here at Ride have teamed up with Props Visual to bring you a video contest. Get your camera, your buddy (the one without the shakes), and start filming—we want one-minute edited sections to show on both ridebmx.com and propsvisual.com. Each entry will be judged by Props’ Chris Rye, Stew Johnson, and Walter Pieringer, and the best three videos will get a Props DVD box set (that’s a lot of videos), a one year subscription both to Props and Ride, as well as your one-minute section shown in Props #62!

Make your DVD collection huge, win all these from Props!

– All entries are due by October 1, 2006.
– One edited section per person.
– Entries must be sent on a Mini DV tape or a finished DVD.
– Be sure to include your name, age, address, phone number, and e-mail.
– Send all entries to:
Ride/Props Video Contest
PO Box 10
Stockton, IL 61085