- On September 1st and 2nd there was an Action Sports World Tour contest in Phoenix, Arizona. Here are the results:

Box Jump Contest Results:
1. Dennis Enarson
2. Steve McCann
3. Ryan Guettler
4. Diogo Canina
5. Dave Dillewaard
6. Sean Sexton
7. Austin Coleman
8. Anthony Napolitan
9. Zack Warden
10. Koji Kraft

Vert Contest Results:
1. Simon Tabron
2. Steve McCann
3. Kevin Robinson
4. Zack Warden
5. John Parker
6. Jay Eggleston
7. Koji Kraft
8. Austin Coleman
9. Danny Williams
10. Ben Snowden
11. Brian Cunningham
12. Sean Logan

Steve McCann – No-Handed 720 during the box jump contest in Phoenix.  credit: Press Release

Randy Taylor is now on the Mutiny pro team and Neil Harrington is repping Mutiny on the “classic cut” team. Mutiny also has a new web video up of Mat Roe. There is also a new Johnny Stevens video on the site along with photos of Roey riding.

– The international bike trade show IFMA Cologne will open its doors on September 15 and 16 for the public. Outside of the trade fair building the BULLS Spine Jam will take place for the second time — held on the worldwide’s largest mobile miniramp, the Braun spine ramp. Don’t miss the chance to view rides rocking this massive ramp before thewinter break — this is the last possibility!

Riders will compete in Pro and AM classes, for Pro riders there will be a prize money of 5,000 EUR.

Registration on at the IFMA trade show (halls 6,7) or in advance via [email protected]
BULLS Spine Jam 2006 will be supported by BULLS BMX, Dickies, BK, Suzuki and Braun.

Ryan Metro is now riding for Dan’s Comp.


Albe’s is having a contest for a chance to win $500. Edit a commercial for them and if they pick yours, it will be in Props and they will give you the money.

– The first ever X Games in Mexico City, Mexico went down on September 8th and 9th. Here’s who won…

Vert Finals:
1. Simon Tabron
2. Jay Eggleston
3. Zack Warden
4. Eduardo Terreros
5. Koji Kraft
6. Dave Brumlow
7. Tom Haugen
8. Reginaldo Silva
9. Erik Soto
10. Oliver Cantillo
11. Ruben Luna
12. Cruz Munoz

Street Finals:
1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Aaron Ross
3. Van Homan
4. Corey Martinez
5. Alistair Whitton
6. Rob Wise
7. Will Love
8. Christian Balcameda
9. Josh Harrington
10. Hector Garcia

Props Mega Tour Europe is going on right now. Ride’s Ryan Fudger is on board with the DK team shooting photos. The airline lost his clothes and camera batteries for a while, then he got his bag stolen. He got it back, but also got beat up and got a black eye in the process. Only Fudger…

Demolition has just put up a YouTube channel. So did VolumeCheck out their web videos…

– Here is a video of the Twenty/Oakley jam.
Oakley - Twenty Jam

– End.