I can’t think of anything worse to write about than the loss of a fellow BMX rider, especially Dave Mirra.  Dave was nothing short of the most iconic BMX rider of all time, and single handedly inspired generations of riders to come.  It is with very heavy hearts that tonight we must say goodbye to the Miracle Boy.  We love you Dave, and the BMX community will never be able to thank you enough for what you did for us throughout your life.  Rest in peace.

[Edit/addition by Ryan Fudger]

I figured I’d add in a few words. Years ago, some fake news popped up reporting the death of Dave Mirra. Ironically, that very thing came up in a conversion we were having yesterday. So today, when news began to circulate of Dave’s death, I immediately scoffed and doubted. I texted Dave the words, “I assume you’re alive. Please confirm.” It wasn’t until that both TJ Lavin and Rob Darden confirmed this unbelievable scenario that it began to sink in. The idea that Dave Mirra, the prolific athlete who created and was living a life that most people could dream of… The man who was the most dominate, well-recognized BMXer on the planet… he could commit suicide? From all outward appearances, life was good. And even in person, when we invited him out to NORA Cup in September, he seemed great. We discussed a potential project to work on in the future, even. But everyone has their demons, and apparently Dave was dealing with his own. We’ll never know exactly why, but that’s not our place to question. Our job is to honor the guy that pushed the boundaries of BMX both on the bike and off of it and give our condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Dave. —Ryan

Here’s a highlight video of sorts that we put together for Dave before he walked out on stage at NORA Cup this year…feels like the appropriate time to get this online…