Along with the Red Bull Most Wanted contest this weekend in Austin, Texas, Red Bull is holding a workshop for aspiring action sports photographers…

Press Release:

Here are the details about the workshop. It’ll be Thursday the 27th at Empire BMX from 6 to 8pm.  The idea behind the workshop is get a personal lesson on how to shoot action sports photography.  Their we will have 2 renown action sports photographers teaching you what to look for, best angles, camera settings, etc. Tips from the experienced professionals.  It’ll start off as a sit down lesson then end with trying out some of your newly learned skills.  We will also have a few professional Athletes present.  Sebastian Keep, Corey Martinez, and Aaron Ross professional BMX athletes.  They will ride and do tricks and be the subject of your shooting during the lesson.  The workshop is free and really about giving student photographers a great unique one on one experience to help them gain knowledge in photography as well as get some portfolio experience.

The reason these athletes are in town is for a competition on Saturday called Red Bull Most Wanted in Austin.  If you want and are available we are inviting out the student photographers from the workshop to come out get to shoot several professional  BMX athletes in full competition.  This is also a great way to gain valuable portfolio experience.  From here for those student photographers from the workshop that come we are going to have a small competition.  We are going to ask that you upload your top 10 pictures from the Red Bull Most Wanted competition to Facebook.  The 2 renown photographers teaching the workshop will pick their favorite 1 picture.  You will then post that 1 picture to the Red Bull Most Wanted Facebook page.  The student photographers picture on the event page that gets the most likes will get a ticket to Fun Fun Fun Fest the following weekend.  We will go over this during the workshop.

Workshop is at Empire BMX on Thursday from 6pm-8pm
6310 N. Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78752