Randy Taylor off Mutiny Pro

Today, Mutiny quietly announced that Randy Taylor is no longer a member of their pro team on their Facebook page. Randy has been battling injury issues for the past few years and by the bits of information Mutiny has given about him over the course of the past few months, this is a bit of a natural transgression of the situation. Last October, Taylor was removed from Eclat’s pro team and logic would dictate that he is simply stepping back and does not have the desire to pursue riding professionally for one reason or the other.

For years, Randy was at the forefront of a generation of extremely talented young riders. Taylor, alongside contemporaries like Nathan Williams, Dylan Smith, and a handful of others helped shape the mold of today’s popular street riding; 360s and tailwhips down gigantic stair sets were placed next to extremely technical, yet oftentimes burly clips and truly ushered in a new breed of riders in the streets. Randy’s signature Loosefer frame will be replaced by The Rune, which is Mutiny’s new team frame due out in JUne.