My favorite character on Sesame Street was that shaggy walking carpet disguised as an elephant named Snuffleupagus (his full name was: Aloysius Snuffleupagus). He was super cool—always relaxed, real mellow. My second favorite guy was probably the Count (AKA: Count Von Count). He was pure evil, but he played it off by pretending to be nice and teaching you how to add and subtract simple things like butterflies or apples on your fingers. He would always count his pet bats, too (he had five of them). On his own time you know he was into some crazy sh*t, though, like having his bats kidnap Muppets and stuff, but when it came time for the kids, he just played with the numbers and kept the evil stuff aside. The cool thing was when he finished counting, there would always be a flash of lightning and you’d hear the crack of thunder. Where I am going with all of this? Hell if I know. The Count liked random numbers and I liked the Count. So for your entertainment (or to enlighten your minds with some useless information) here are some random numbers as my tribute to the Count.

Number of cockroaches caught and killed in the office during the month of October.

Weight (in pounds) of gear for an 18-day East Coast trip I took earlier this year (includes bike, camera equipment, film, clothes, etc.).

Average number of trips to Starbucks during the day by Transworld office goons.

Is it really the coffee or is it the hot chicks that work there that keep ’em going back for more?  credit: Keith Mulligan

Number of interns working at the office right now.

Approximate number of Snap & Transworld BMX photographs on file in my office.

Number of file cabinets that hold my photos.

Number of drawers in those cabinets.

These are what my filing cabinets look like. See all of those slides? They’re all photos of Brad McDonald from his modeling days. Losey keeps midgets in his file cabinets.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Age of the youngest office employee (Maicol the receptionist).

Number of years I’ve had my sticker-covered desk.

Number of hours it takes our film lab to process a roll of slide film.

Number of hours it takes them to push or pull-process a roll of slide film.

Number of broken barbeques in the warehouse.

Number of little red firecrackers on Ryan Fudger (Ride Assistant Editor)’s desk.

When Ride’s Art Director, Matt Berinato, falls asleep behind the mouse all it takes is one of these little guys and “BANG!” he’s right back to work.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Number of television sets lying around the warehouse.

Number of lava lamps in Dave Cordon’s (TWBMX Art Director) office.

Number of rolls of film I shot for Transworld BMX’s coverage of the 2003 X Games (includes Downhill BMX, Flat, Vert, Dirt, and Street).

Number of inflatable boats in the warehouse..

Number of golf clubs in the office.

Number of those golf clubs that are broken.

Number of random used frames in the warehouse.

How many frames do you see? 1, 2, 3…  credit: Keith Mulligan

Number of Razor scooters buried under the ramp.

Number of videos Glenn PP Milligan has produced since working here.

Number of golden giraffe statues in our video lounge.

Number of magazines Transworld Media (formerly Ride Publishing) has pumped out in the past ten years (93 issues of Ride, 88 issues of Snap/Transworld BMX, 32 issues of Transworld Motocross).