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“In Colorado everything is bigger and Pusher created a reputation with this idea in mind, raising the bar wherever possible in the BMX industry. As a magazine dedicated to the ideas that drive us to get on two wheels whenever possible Pusher showcased some of the most original riders and contests in mainstream and underground scenes that represent this life we all choose to be a part of.  Pusher helped to define the Colorado scene and everything that makes it awesome in the pages of that magazine.
Progression is inevitable in BMX and for Pusher that progression led to the transition from media to supplier. Continuing to support the Colorado scene in more than just recognition the Pusher BMX shop opened four years ago, becoming the hub for riders all over the Rocky Mountains to find products from the best brands in BMX. Between the many team riders who are killing it on a bike and the history and experience that comes from a rider owned shop, Pusher's name has continued to expand well beyond the borders of Colorado.
In a quest to push BMX in a positive direction Pusher has decided to transition again, expanding the shop for the masses with mail order and a brand new online shop. In the future Pusher will continue to grow and bring BMX out to the riders across the map, and with an all-star team beginning to form the future never looked so good. Everything is bigger in Colorado and now all of you have a chance to be a part of that idea with Pusher BMX.”