Props Issue #70 download is available now.

Stew Johnson here, just letting you know that i finished issue 70 of Props Video Magazine a few days ago and it nearly put me in my grave. With over an hour and a half of content, this issue is sure to keep you glued to your TV.

The issue starts out with a bio from Mankind’s Miles Rogoish. Miles is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, rides to gangsta rap, and exclusively punishes street in his bio. Miles comes up with some original moves and delivers a sweet banger, WHAT!

Next comes the Red Bull Empire of Dirt. Red Bull brings you the most epic Dirt contest to date, located in the countryside of Devon, England. The course is a mixture of flowing, downhill trails mixed with a skatepark on steroids….this course is no joke and neither are the runs that went down on it. 30+ of today’s hottest pro dirt riders battle it out for a bottle of champaign and a hefty 1st place check. Take a peek to see who brings it home. Thanks again to Red Bull for bringing Props out to cover the event.

Next in line, we have the Metal bikes road trip. Jimmy Levan might have the worst luck out of anyone we know, but he managed to keep himself and the Metal bikes team in one piece during this West coast road trip that happened earlier this summer. This section includes one of the craziest clips that i have EVER seen, and i guarantee that you will hit the rewind button no less than 10 times to re-watch it. You’ll know what it is when you see it. All hail Metal bikes.

Ohhh man, this one has been in the works for quite a while and we are happy to finally bring it to you. You know him, you love him, and you feel his pain. Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the long awaited Brian Kachinsky interview. Brian is not only known for taking some of the hardest slams in BMX, but for delivering some of the most intense street moves in the game. Brian is one of the most passionate and dedicated pros out there and we are honored to have him pour his heart & soul (and blood) into a full length Props interview. Thanks for all of your hard work, Brian….and no thanks for the grey hairs.

On a different note, but definitely not a safer one, we give you the 2nd annual FBM Brawlin’ at the Belmar. Located at an actual bar in the middle of (not so) lovely Binghamaton, NY.
Here’s a good idea, give a bunch of rednecks tons of beer and then send them pedaling full speed down a runway to jump the sketchiest jump you’ve seen since a 1998 DK dirt circuit. I’m not gonna lie to you, the amateurs get slaughtered in this one! Seriously, they need to change the name to “Bloodbath at the Belmar”. You have never seen so many kids flop around and land on their heads just for a backpack full of prizes. BMX is awesome!

Fathers, lock up your daughters……Big Daddy is in the kitchen! Less than 14 hours after being knocked unconscious after landing on his head due to a backflip gone wrong, Pat Laughlin (AKA the heavy hitter) wakes up through the post concussion fog and trudges through another day on the BMX battlefield. The Big Daddy himself barely even remembers filming this. Watch Big Daddy talk smack and burn bridges on everyone from Ryan Nyqusit to Garrett Reynolds and even his own Team Manager. Just remember, he isn’t serious…….or is he?

Rounding out issue 70, you’ll find the Metro Jam. The Canadian Beast and the Ten Pack crew bring you to Kingston, Ontario, Canada for the latest installment in the Metro Jam contest series. Watch some of today’s top pros battle it out in the arena for top honors. You can guarantee that you’ll see enough tailwhips, barspins, and flippety-do’s to make your head spin.

The bonus sections in issue 70 include a bails sections, a Sean Burns bedtime story, some guys partying while wearing a chicken suit, and 10 minutes worth of out-takes that answer those questions that you’ve been dying to have answered… does Brian Kachinsky go commando? Why does Jimmy LeVan like San Francisco so much? And did Scotty Cranmer really hire Big Daddy to landscape his yard???

Do yourself a favor, pick up Props Issue 70 to find out.

– Stew Johnson