In a media landscape flooded with vlogs, webisodes and bullshit, this is about the best news any true BMX’er could expect to hear. Props BMX is back! They’re producing a special one-off issue to benefit Chris Hallman and with sections being produced by Bob Scerbo, Darryl Tocco, Steve Crandall and Jeremie Infelise, its sure to be awesome. Read below for details and get stoked!

“Some of you may have heard rumors, but here is the official announcement: PROPS IS BACK. This is a one-time special new Issue and all proceeds will be donated to Chris Hallman @hallperson to help pay for medical bills related to his cancer treatment. Chris is an east coast #bmx legend, incredible photographer, and was the editor of the great Midschool publication, Tread Magazine. His outlook is very positive! #fuckcancer
We will be revealing the contents list and more info soon, with additional sections being created by @skapegoat256 @darryltocco @crandallfbm @murderbike & @infelise. Huge thanks to everyone helping get this project together and to all advertisers supporting as well. Special thanks to Bob Scerbo for kickstarting this idea.

We’ll be opening pre-orders up in the coming weeks and expect a late-October ship date. Issue 79 will be available on DVD and Bluray.

Congrats to @bobbiealtiser for scoring the cover!”

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