Press Release:

Portland Parks and Recs is holding a youth driven BMX jam at the Glenhaven skate park on Saturday August 21st at 1pm. That's less than 2 weeks away! High air, best run, and best trick will be taken place throughout the day's festivities. Ages 12 and under and 19 and under are the two age brackets. And during the intermission GOODS BMX Bike Shop will be holding a demo to promote skate park advocacy and park educate. Music, food, drinks, prizes, shredding, and good times.

Here's a link to some pictures of the park:

Also, Portland Parks and Recs is purchasing Plegs from Odyssey and giving them out at the jam to promote plastic peg usage in skate parks. Right on!

So if your 19 & under come out and shred the jam and if your older please contact me if you would like to ride during the GOODS BMX Demo.

Spread the word!

– Dean Dickinson