Big sponsor change for young gun Pat Casey. Haro just released the news… (read Volume’s statement further down the post).

Press Release:

Pat Casey Joins Team Haro

Vista, CA. Haro Bicycles announces the addition of Pat Casey as the newest member of Team Haro for 2012.

"The idea of adding an individual like Pat to our team has been floating around for some time," said Joe Hawk, Haro's COO. "A lot of attention has been paid to building and maintaining the right balance of talent and chemistry for Team Haro in the recent years and Pat was chosen because he has the ability to contribute to our efforts on both levels".

Colin Mackay, Haro team rider and Team Manager agrees; "I’ve been watching Pat kill it at contests for the past couple of years. He has proven to be influential already in the game reinventing the 360 tail whip and recently landing the first double decade. Aside from the big moves, Pat is a genuine kid who is just happy to be riding his bike and is a welcome addition to the Haro Bikes family".

Ryan Nyquist-Haro team rider for more than 14 years added, "I think it’s awesome! Pat is a young rider who is crushing it right now, and really pushing the progression of ramp riding. I think he’ll fit in nicely with the rest of the Haro family, and I can’t wait to go on some trips with him and get to know him better".

Pat, who turned Pro in 2010 and earned the Ballpark Rookie of the Year honors during the Dew Action Sports Tour in 2011 shares his appreciation for his past bike sponsor and his enthusiasm for his future on Haro.

"First I'd like to send out a major thanks to Brian Castillo and everyone over at Volume. I've been with them for over 3 years and they were one of the first companies to give me a chance and for that I am extremely thankful-thanks Brian for everything!" Said Casey.

"As for my future, being a part of the Haro Team is a dream come true. I am super stoked to be invited onto the team, a team that's amazing and I look forward to riding with everyone on it. Thanks for the opportunity, its going to be sick!!!" added Pat.

We welcome Pat as he begins his Haro career at XFest in the UK later this week. Stay tuned for more.


All smiles...wouldn't you be if you were Pat? Photo: Fudger

Here's what Brian Castillo posted over on the Volume site about Pat leaving…

"I'm always sad to see a rider leave us but also glad that they are able to further their careers with the bigger brands out there. Ever since I met Pat, I always thought he was an extraordinary bike rider and sooner or later a bigger brand would be offering him up something big. That day has come and everyone here at Volume can't say enough good things about Pat and his family throughout the years he rode for us. Big things are sure to come for Pat and we all can't wait to see him ripping up the contest circuit for years to come.

"Regarding the Mystery Machine: We plan on continuing with the frame and it'll now just be Stevie's frame w/ his sticker on them. We have a batch coming in soon with a couple new colors picked out by Stevie."