Press Release:

Celebrate BMX and the construction of the Nick Wilson Memorial Park, Oct 10th

Beaverton, OR- Sept. 23, 2009-  Nike 6.0 is bringing Banksgiving to Newark Valley, NY on October 10th, celebrating BMX in memory of Nick Wilson, a fellow rider who died in Iraq while serving his country. Banksgiving is a BMX jam that brings together the BMX community for a good ol' session with friends, pro riders, and a feast for all. Everyone is invited to ride and celebrate the construction of the Nick Wilson Memorial Park.

In March 2008, Nike 6.0 hosted an online contest to win a custom backyard mini-ramp. Nick Marzolino’s winning entry brought to light the efforts of the Village of Newark Valley, local BMXer's and many others to create a community BMX and skate park, in honor of Nick Wilson. Nike 6.0 was inspired by the collective commitment to the project, and in lieu of a miniramp, promised Nick and Newark Valley to build multiple features for the park.

"I was really excited when Nike told me that I had won the contest and they wanted to bring Banksgiving to town and help build the park. There is a growing BMX scene in Newark Valley, and they all deserve a place to ride without being hassled," said Nick Marzolino. "Nick Wilson would have been proud to see the community work together to accomplish something that benefits so many people."

Nike 6.0 is helping Newark Valley to reach their dream of having a safe place for the community's youth to ride in honor of Nick Wilson. The Nick Wilson Memorial Park will receive a significant build out, designed by John Saxton, followed by a Banksgiving Jam. The building crew will break ground in Newark Valley the first week of October.

Save the date and stay tuned for info. See you at Banksgiving!

Oct. 10th
Nick Wilson Memorial Park
Newark Valley, New York