Premium has a variety of new parts coming out, and these three things are just the beginning.Be on the lookout for a new chain tensioner that’s designed to work with short dropouts and fit 14mm axles, plus a new 7075 aluminum 1/4″ street sprocket. Enjoy the sneak preview.

The new Lite front wheel, Lite seat, and titanium sprocket  credit: James Ayres

The Premium Lite wheel isn’t cheap, but you’re going to be hard pressed to find a lighter 36-spoke front wheel anywhere.  credit: James Ayres

A close-up on the rim’s sidewall logo…  credit: James Ayres

Premium Lite Wheel
– Superlace, inward lace pattern for longer wheel life
– Oversize alloy cones for better interface with the forks
– Ultra lightweight Premium Smooth rim
– Black 36H only
– Black 14G SS spokes
– Black Alloy Nipples
– Weight: Front: 1.91 lbs
– MSRP: $100

A great mix between a hard race seat and an over-padded freestyle version.  credit: James Ayres

Premium Lite Seat
– Reinforced seat material
– 9.62 / 243mm length
– Seat-grab front guard
– Protective rear guard
– Weight: 0.8 lbs / 371 grams
– Black only
– MSRP: $30

$100 for a sprocket? Only hardcore weight freaks need apply…  credit: James Ayres

Premium Lite TI 25T Sprocket
– Solid Billet Titanium
– Compatible with 1/8″ chains only
– Made in the USA
– Weight: 0.19 lbs (86 grams)
– MSRP: $99.95