Mystic BMX just opened a new shop right in the middle of Old Town Tallinn in Estonia. Why do we care about a little shop out in Europe? Because Estonia is home to Simpel Session and they have an amazing scene out there. Plus, this shop looks sick as hell. Check it…

Press Release:

MysticBmx shop located in Harju 3 (Oldtown), Tallinn, Estonia. –

Mystic is also a bmx mailorder shop what was started in May 2005. We started with selling WeThePeople bikes and parts. But now we sell (and distribute) almost all of the best bmx brands and there products. Mainly Mystic sends order out to Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia! But
orders can be sent to any part of the world! We have shipped out orders even to Australia, England, Germany, USA etc. Mystic manly works as a retail shop and a mailorder shop, but also we do wholesale for most of the brands in the Baltic’s and for some of the brands to Finland also!

Mystic team riders are:
Anton Ardel (also WeThePeople flow team)
Raigo Suija (also Shadow Conspiracy flow team)
Kert Petersel (also Metal bikes team)

Check our webpage for more info:

Brands we carry:
Animal, Eclat, FitBikes, FlyBikes, FoxClothing, Fremont, Fuse Protection, G-Sport, Lotek, MacNeil, Metal Bikes, Mutiny, Odyssey, Primo, Pro-Tec, Revenge, S&M, Shadow Conspiracy, Simple Bikes, Skavenger, Sputnic, Subrosa, Suelo, Sunday and WeThePeople.