Last Saturday there was a contest at the Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark in San Diego, California.The park has been known to have some pretty good comps so I drove down for the weekend to check it out.

Skatepark Overview – Mission Valley YMCA  credit: Fat Tony

The contest was, in a since, your typical hometown style comp–friends hanging out and acting crazy, plenty of ams that start the morning off slow and lots of prizes from companies that help out when they can. The difference between this “hometown” comp and others is the sheer size. SoCal has a huge population so naturally the contests are bigger than smaller local comps. And naturally, the more riders you have, the more heavy hitters there are–the pro class had 26 riders and just about all of them killed the course and a lot of them killed themselves too.

Sean Logan – Bottom-Side No-Footed Can-Can  credit: Fat Tony

The ams rode really well but it was impossible to try to keep up with who was doing what. Sorry guys.

Bomb Squad BMX Rider Dylan Stark  credit: Fat Tony

Not sure who this guy was or what he was shooting for, but he didn’t seem to know what he was doing at all as he got in everyone’s way.  credit: Fat Tony

Here are some of the highlights from the pro class:
– Kelly Bolton: This guy was going crazy way before the contest started. On a $10 bet, he took more than a dozen attempts at flairing a 2ft quarter. He never quite pulled it off, but came super close. During his runs he did a huge 270 transfer and a few weird moves over the box jump that resembled a flatspin, a 360 a backflip and a tabletop all in one.
– Juca Favela: His English isn’t very dialed so he didn’t know when the jam was over and the single runs were going. So he rode for about 15 minutes straight while others were doing their single runs. Tailwhip to icepick on the sub, 360-whip over the spine. Nice.
– Joe Riley: Flair high out of a weird obstacle. – Steven Kennedy: Won the best tech trick award for a barspin-to-360 tailtap-to-barspin on the spine. He rides like a machine with dialed barspins and whips into and out of tricks.
– Alfredd Mancuso: Won best box jump trick with a flip-whip over the box.
– Denis Emerson: Won the overall contest. They didn’t have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winner, just a “Most Rad” award. Denis footjamed the tsunami (7ft wall out of a quarter) and flipped, whipped and spun his way into the top spot.

Denis Emerson – Big Footjam  credit: Fat Tony