The fourth round of the Dew Tour is coming up (expect semi-live updates on the website from Salt Lake City) and the week after that will be Interbike where we will show some of the 2008 bikes and are looking forward to meet bicycle dealers, the media and everyone else who is interested in the new line (booth # 5553 in the BMX Zone). Anyway, here’s some September news for you….

Mike Spinner is living the life…
Hey what’s up! So these last few weeks have been pretty busy. I got back from Germany for the T-mobile mini ramp contest, then flew straight to Florida. Hung out with all my friends and just rode a bunch.

I convinced my friend Gio to come back with me to Woodward so he did. He was pretty excited because he always saw videos of Woodward and stuff so the first thing he did was jump in the foam pit HA HA HA. We only hung out at Woodward for 2 days then we took the 8 hour drive to Greenville, NC. to chill with Dave and Ryan.

We rode every day and they both kill it. Put it this way, I’m not the only one that can do a 1080 anymore!!!!!!

But I will say this, the week we were there the stuff Dave does every single day on his bike IS CRAZY. The tricks, the lines everything and he just has a great Attitude towards it all!!!! Other than that, my friend and I had a bunch of trips to the mechanics. The brakes on my truck were just done. White smoke everywhere. The next day, 600 bucks shorter but my truck was fine. And on the way back to Woodward A flat tire. I’m really excited to get a new car at the end of the year.

I will check in next week. I am going from Woodward PA, to Salt Lake City for the Dew Tour, then Vegas for Interbike, then going to Portland, Oregon to shoot some photos for Nike. It should be fun few weeks!!!!!!!

Mike Spinner

Go with The Flow
James Lawrence from The Flow Skate Park in Columbus, Ohio is organizing the King Of The Rhythm event on 21 September. Mirraco’s Dave Rytell will make a presence as a special guest and special thanks to Chris and the crew at the Trek Store of Columbus. They will be on hand with a fleet of Mirraco DEMO bikes for riders to try in the park and will be showing the new Mirraco video.

Doors open at 4pm and the contest starts at 7pm. You can ride till 10pm on $ 12.00 admission.

For more info contact:
Ph: 614-864-1610

A few questions for Mike Spinner
I thought you guys might wanna know what Mike Spinner is thinking about going into the Salt Lake Dew Tour. He didn’t let the cat out of the bag on some things, but if it’s coming from this kid it has to be huge. Also good luck to everyone in Salt Lake. Rep Mirra Co. hard… Gator

1. You’re going into Salt Lake with a win under your belt. Does that give you extra confidence?
Spinner: Going into Salt Lake with a win is awesome of course. It kinda boosts your confidence but at the same time I feel like I am not going to change anything. I am going to go into the contest like I always do and just try my best.

2. 720 whips, 900’s, and 1080’s! What new tricks have you been working on?
Mike: I have a few things in the works but you might just have to wait and find out ha ha!!!!!!!

3. What is your current ranking in Dew Tour standings? and are you aiming for first in Orlando?
Spinner: Right now I am in Second place. I am pumped on that. There are two more stops so anything can happen. And I know Dave has been riding hard.

4. Last words?
Spinner: After Portland I’ve been doing so much stuff, went to Florida then back to Woodward with a really good friend of mine, we drove to Greenville NC to hang out with Ryan and Dave and we are about to leave. Expect a story about the trip soon.

Mirraco supports RampRats event.
If you’re around RampRats on Saturday 22 September next, you should check in at the park to ride the bowl for the last time before they remodel the thing.

There are different cllasses to enter (Grom, Supergrom, Almost Pro, Pro) and the entry fee is 25 bucks for amateur and 50 bucks for pro. Mirraco is supporting the event. They sell Mirraco bikes at the park too. The day starts at noon with the Grom comp and at 6:30pm the pros will ride.

More info on:

2008 Mirraco Icon Option
Black, Army Green and Lacquer Red are your colour options for this $299.99 Icon Option. It weighs only 1.8 kilos more than the Black Pearl Limited. For the price difference you should be able to get a one year membership at your local fitness center to handle that little extra weight. Seriously though, the Icon Option is a great all-around ride with an affordable pricetag.

Model: Icon Option
Advertised Price $299.99

Ryan Guettler has his own backyard ramp now…
What’s up guys!

Yesterday I had a backyard BBQ and we all rode my new ramp. Every one came out, it was a good time. A friend filmed the lot and it’s going to be on this week as a spot check. Should look good.

Only a few more days till I fly out to Salt Lake City for Dew Tour and Interbike. Then I come home for Ryan Nyquist’s wedding. Should be cool time.

– Ryan Guettler

There is plenty more Mirraco news and action over at, so get there…