Melanie Denton took a bad fall and could use help from the BMX community. There's a relief fund site set up with a PayPal link on it for donations to help her with her medical bills. Also be on the lookout for a jam (date to be announced) to help raise funds for her. For more info read below and head on over to the relief fund website to help her out!

"Melanie is a 19-year-old BMX rider who was hurt badly while riding a spine ramp at a jam recently in Austin, Texas. After shredding all day, she went over the bars coming down the spine and landed face first. She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and suffered some major facial damage. Melanie like many others currently has no health insurance and many bills are stacking making the situation a lot harder to deal with. After surgery and the ER visit she is roughly $9,000 in debt from this one wreck and is reaching out to the BMX world requesting donations to help during this healing time. Please be kind from one BMX rider to another. Giving anything you can will always be helpful. Every dollar counts!"