Martti now holds two world records according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Photo: Scot

Martti Kuoppa (Dig It) sent us an e-mail about his recent experience with the people from the Guinness Book of World Records. He had been watching a Guinness special on television and at the end of the show there was an e-mail address for people to send in ideas for records. Martti told them that he could roll no-footed on the front wheel of his bike for 100 meters. He didn’t hear anything from them until a month ago. Martti ended up doing 59 pinky squeaks in a minute for one record, and the hang nothing for a second world record.

Martti told us that the Guinness people wanted him to act really excited when he pulled the world record. “As soon as I pulled the hang nothing I threw my bike away. I started screaming and yelling, and I jumped in the cold water with my clothes on. Then the girl who interviews people in the show came close to shake my hand when I was in the water, so I decided to pull her in the water, too.”

Martti’s new records should be in the 2003 Guinness book and it should be on television early next year.