Press Release:

Ok, time to spread the word what is going on in my world. I came up with this online comp idea some time ago and teamed up with Chad Johnston from Intrikat. Chad´s been always helping me out getting regonized in his videos ever since 97. Chad came up with the name of Ground Tactics and here we are. And now, the competition is on. Why?

I know that there is a lot of talented riders out there somewhere who are not able to go overseas for the competitions or other things like that. I know the proccess of getting pro and how difficult it can be if the right path is not shown. I know the mistakes that can happen along the way. I know the bad side of getting everything so quick in front of you that before you can say no, you say yes to all the bad habits out there. I know there is a lot of people smiling and giving a lot of promises and nothing actually happens. I know the pro life of an action sports star as good as it can be known. I am here to help out the younger generation to the right direction with projects like Ground Tactics.

So, basically we are scouting new talents on our project. We are going to offer some sponsorship deals, media coverage and plane ticket to the winner (to a big international pro competition tba.), plus the others who are not winning will get some cool stuff as well.
The deal is that the winner of this event will get the set of keys to his hand to be a real proffessional. After it is really up to him if he is going to make it or not. We give excactly what we had in our hands about 12 years ago. Pretty fair deal?
But the catch is, improve flatland level in general. We are not going to be satisfied with regular flatland riding. We want to see the limits to be pushed to the next level. Originality, difficulty and personality.

Bit more detailed what is going on at Ground Tactics:

-The judges board contains many top riders of the game. Me (Martti), Chad Johnston, Viki Gomez, Terry Adams, Effraim Catlow and Kotaro Tanaka.
We will be checking out the videos in daily basis and some of us will comment if feels like that.

-We are funding the 1st year of Ground Tactics based on donations and our private pockets. So far we got 150 usd donations which is a good start. I am going to do a show in Hong Kong early september where I am going to earn the money for the plane ticket. I will have that money saved up for the winner.

-Me, Viki and Chad all have our own private rooms in there. Riders can go there ask any question they feel like asking and we are there to give them answers.
We are there to teach tricks as well if a rider has some difficulties to learn certain methods.

-If that is not enough we also have a flatland artwork competition on board. As I said, we want to support younger talents out there and some of them might not be so talented on their bikes but can be extremenly talented on other disciplines for example artistic skills.

-If you want more I give you more. I am looking for the baddest, the biggest, the graziest trick out there and what I will give in exchange to the person who busts it out?
I will donate my first X games gold medal that was won year 2000.
That´s how serious I am about pushing the level higher in flatland.

To end this chapter, I just want to spread my message about flatland and pro athlete lifestyle. It is not the easiest thing to handle and there is a lot of ups and downs. I am here to help out younger talents as I said earlier. They can come to our message boards and ask whatever and we are there to answer. And if I can help out somehow to go to the right direction, that is already a big achievement for me. Thanks all!
– Martti Kuoppa