Press Release:

Huntington Beach CA, (November 22, 2010) Sullen Clothing is pleased to welcome Kris Fox to the Sullen BMX team. At only 21 Kris has the experience of a veteran having being started in this industry at such a young age he knows what it takes to be a winner. His smooth style and cool demeanor fits perfect with the Sullen lifestyle and rounds out the already stacked and respected BMX team. Not only will Kris be performing in dirt contests around the world but he will also be training very hard for the 2012 Olympics as well as exploring other ventures on his bike that will make him stand out from others. Sullen will be right there with him supporting his upcoming race career and we look forward to being involved in the race community as Kris Fox will be the only BMX racer for the 2011 Sullen team.

Kris Quote: “I am extremely excited about being a part of Sullen. I like to surround myself with good people in life and that's what the Sullen family is, good people. Their product not only looks amazing but are also great quality, there isn't much more you can ask for, I'm very stoked.”

Jon Cantrell Quote: “I am super stoked to sign Kris, I have known him for a while now and has always talked about how cool it would be to ride for Sullen so it was a no brainer and everyone knows I'm a sucker for smooth style. He works hard on and off the bike and that's the kind of athlete I want repping Sullen. He has Olympic experience which is something very rare and something that I think would be fun to get to know and affiliate Sullen with, I can't be any happier to sign such a cool down to earth talented athlete then Kris Fox.”

Be sure to keep your eyes open for all the cool things Sullen and Kris Fox will be doing in 2011, some great things lined up.

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Kris Fox - Photo by Fat.