Press Release:

“The most important aspect of freestyle BMX and my career has always been safety. I would have never been able to earn 5 X-Games gold medals, or my World Height Record without wearing all the proper safety gear. It disappoints me when I don’t see others taking safety seriously and always making excuses to not wear pads. Well, the excuses are over. I introduce to you – Grindz.” -Kevin Robinson

About Grindz:
We created Grindz to eliminate these excuses of not wearing protection when getting on your bike or board. You don't want to wear bulky pads? You don't like the look of wearing pads over your clothes? You lost one? Grindz is there to solve these issues. Feel secure in knowing you, or your little ones, are now protected that much more with Grindz Protective Apparel.

About Kevin:
Kevin comes from a hard-working, blue-collar family from East Providence, Rhode Island. After a slow start to his pro career, Kevin took his family's work ethic to the vert ramp and now finds himself consistently on the podium as one of the most progressive and creative vert riders in BMX. Kevin defines perseverance. After eleven X Games appearances and three bronze medals, Kevin finally had his dream season in 2006 when he took home two gold medals from X Games 12. In the BMX Vert Best Trick competition Kevin made history when he became the first to land the fabled double flair (two back flips with a 180 degree twist). Two days later at X Games he took his second gold medal in the inaugural BMX Big Air event. In 2007 Kevin added to his X Games medal collection a Bronze in BMX Vert and a Gold in BMX Big Air. He also took the honor of "Athlete of the Games". Kevin's most recent accomplishment was the Red Bull Experiment: Kevin Robinson. Kevin set a new BMX high air world record on June 12, 2008, in Central Park, NYC. The following Monday he appeared on The David Letterman Show.

In May of 2010 Kevin announced the K-Rob Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in his hometown of East Providence, Rhode Island. With all his success on his bike, Kevin's most important role is being a family man. Kevin is a devoted husband to Robin and father of three.