The Trip is a new project that Ty Morrow and Miles Rogoish are behind, and they are launching a Web site with a full 34 minute video on Friday the 13th.


Official Press Release:

The Trip is a state of mind, a lifestyle. It has always been, always will be, and is constant. We are all passionate about life, and live it freely doing what we love. Life is the trip, ride it out.
Miles Rogoish
Ty Morrow
Drew York
Tony Neyer
Rick Scott
Dan Lacey
Lahsaan Kobza
Eric Holley
Steve Croteau
Tammy Jane
Seamus McKeon
Hoang Tran
Patrick King
Alex Vazquez
Garrett Reynolds

The Trip organized and operated by Ty Morrow and Miles Rogoish.
The Trip Web release: August, Friday 13th, 2010. The Site Launch includes: 34 min ++Team Promo++ welcome edit, merch page, blog, and team page with rider interviews.

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