Segment Clothing Started to include and infuse various ideas, with a goal to try and make a mark (however small) on what was felt a stale and stagnant store shelf or wardrobe space.

Segment is aimed at anything and anyone on 2 wheels—BMX, MTB, Moto X or turntables, hopefully bringing all the colliding worlds together. As an active BMX rider and DJ for many a year, I felt it was about time to bring all families together, and offer a brand that wouldn’t feel out of place behind the decks, on the track/park or simply on the street. Every rider listens to music, so why not? For too many years, riders, DJs and friends have not had the chance to wear a brand that covers all bases, but is still respected and wanted.

Segment’s style is generated from its love of bikes, design, music and everything that surrounds us in our everyday life.

Already turning heads through underground networking, with various BMXers, DJs and key figures repping Segment, as well as numerous product features in both print and web press.

Segment Family –
Scott Edgworth – Fit UK, Profile, Segment
Darin Read – Diamond Back, Nike 6.0, Segment
Arrash Saidi – S&M, Adio, Segment
Rikki Gunner – Source, Segment

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