After a few previews of Almond Footwear here and there over the past year they have officially launched the brand with a grip of fresh kicks, and a stacked team including Ben Hucke, Dan Benson, Shane Weston, Jan Beckman, and Jared Washington. Look here to see what’s on the horizon from the European-based BMX-specific shoe company.

Press Release:


You can only cage an idea for so long, until it pulls down the bars and runs wild.

We would like to brief you on the birth of a new company, a new footwear brand born from BMX and one that has collided with revolutionary ideas, alternative fashion trends and forward thinking design.

Almond Footwear™ is a new shoe company operating out of Germany (Cologne) and the UK (London/Leeds) that has been caged for more than 2 years. In that time, shoes have been tested, hundreds of drafts have been drawn and attention to detail has climbed to the top of a long, long list.

Our goal is to forge a legacy of innovative thinking, to develop new ideas and reach new stages in shoe design for BMX'ers and everyday people through our own authentic style.

Not only will we be starting off with a classic collection of durable sleek looking shoes including the 1980's inspired 'Defacto' and our lightweight and flexible 'Metric', but our range also includes soft goods such as t-shirts, hoodys, 5 and 6 panel caps and rolled beanies.

All our shoes have been tested thoroughly and all include fully engineered shock absorbing internal EVA midsole (Elastomer suspension) and an integrated cushion pad designed to absorb a wide range of impacts and reduce heel bruises, which as BMXers, we know a lot about.

Our team is a select few who have already shown considerable interest in our mysterious ideas even at an early production stage; our starting Pro crew includes Ben Hucke (USA), Dan Benson (UK), Shane Weston (USA), Jan Beckman (GER) and Jared Washington (USA) who is also the first of our riders to get an Almond Pro Model, the 1&9. A full flow team will be hot at its heels soon.

If you have been waiting for a brand to look and feel a little different, to make a little more effort and never compromise when it comes to aesthetics then look no further than Almond Footwear™. Some things can't be caged forever.

Shoes will be available late autumn 2010.

To see Almond in real, visit us at Eurobike & Interbike 2010.